22. March 2022

We are going to revolutionize the care sector – together with you!

The care sector is facing huge challenges in the coming years. In this decade, the number of citizens over the age of 80 will increase by 60% – which means significantly more elderly people in need of care. While, at the same time, it is becoming harder and harder to recruit care staff and attract younger people to the care educations.

If both the service level, quality of care and job satisfaction in care sector is to be maintained for the future, radical changes are needed!

No one can solve this complex problem alone. Our municipal partners have therefore expressed a need for the stakeholders in the care sector to come together and together develop one holistic solution to the challenges. A solution that meets the increasing efficiency requirements – but maintains the quality of care and improves the working environment. A solution that can be coordinated via one technological platform and can be used across professional groups.

That is why we have started the innovation community, Future Care, where we – together with municipalities, interest groups, researchers and other care sector stakeholders, develop the comprehensive, holistic solution that matches the needs of the future.

In our community, we draw on all disciplines, theoretical and practical expertise and personal insights. Together we will rethink the care sector and create the care of the future!

Soon we will reveal more about our community and the development of our company.

So stay tuned and follow os on on LinkedIn and Facebook – and be a part of the journey towards the care of the future!