We support managers, employees and users throughout the entire process – ensuring a successful digital transformation

We guide you all the way!

Our customer’s success is our success. We know that an effective implementation process is absolutely central to achieving the full effect and all the benefits of Livius. That is why we support managers, employees and users throughout the entire change process, from A to Z.

Our Implementation Team consists of people who have extensive experience from the care sector. We understand the culture, tasks and challenges – and based in this insight we facilitate a succesful digital transition. 

Our digital change process

A successful organizational implementation requires thorough preparation and a simple start-up phase.

This approach makes the variuos users more confident and they have time to make the new technology a natural part of their everyday life.

When we facilitate digital change, it therefore takes place in phases:

The Decision and Clarification Phase

In this phase, the project owners define the broad guidelines

A steering group is established. The task of the steering group is to follow the project, motivate the organization, communicate both internally and externally. As well as to determine the framework and guidelines, investigate the potential, set goals and prepare a baseline.

It’s important to clarify which areas and professional groups are to participate in the project. Furthermore, early involvement of the visitation is preferable.

The preparation phase

In this phase, the execution is planned in details and the working and implementation group is established. The task of the working and implementation group is to prepare, follow and support the execution of the implementation. As well as to teach and motivate the organization throughout the process.

It is important to create a thorough plan and to start up in a simple and easy way.

The start-up phase

In this phase, the execution takes place, and the ambassador group is established.

The entire employee group is informed and motivated to contribute to the process in various ways – for example by identifying relevant citizens.

Implementation starts out with the use of the video app, based on the guidelines and framework set by the steering and working groups.

In this phase, backing from management and tech-support is key. That’s why our People Succes Team work closely with the employees to both motivate, support and help them with any challenges they might have.

The retention and anchoring phase

In this phase, we focus intensely on retention.

The working and ambassador group assist the employees with maintaining and expanding the use of Livius – so that it becomes a natural part of the everyday work processes.

This is an ongoing basis, and together with the working group, we will assess if there’s a need for assistance from our Implementation Team.

Return visits

With phases 1-4, the organization has implemented Livius and the new workflows.

Further management development and an optimal utilization of the platform’s possibilities require retention and further anchoring.

We therefore arrange return visits in a scope and format that is tailored to the needs and wishes of your organization.