22. March 2022

Life-Partners changes name to Livius Technologies

As a company, we are undergoing an amazing, positive change process. We have attracted new, strong talents to our team and have a multitude of exciting projects in our pipeline. And, not least, we have started an innovative and interdisciplinary community, Future Care, that – together with our municipal partners – that has set out to rethink and revolutionize the care sector.

Furthermore we have set new and ambitious business goals and are planning an IPO among other things.

Such major changes naturally also call for a transformation of the company itself. And a new name therefore is the natural next step in this process.

As of today, we are therefore changing our name from Life-Partners to Livius Technologies!

We can’t wait to unveil our many exciting news and initiatives in 20222 and will keep you updated regularly. So stay tuned both here on the news page as well as on LinkedIn and Facebook!