25. April 2022

“I’m looking forward to making a positive difference”

Our new CTPO, Martin Andersen is passionate about developing technology that makes a difference, and feels that he has found his perfect match in Livius Technologies. Martin has extensive experience, from large, international companies. He will now further develop Livius’ digital care solutions and create the technological foundation for our new goals. Meet him here and hear about the exciting initiatives he has in his pipeline – and why he chose to become part of the Livius team!

Text by Annamaria Lauridsen

Gearing the company for the next level

“With my background, I can ensure that Livius Technologies is geared technologically to further develop our existing solutions, develop new technology and grow as a company”, says Martin Andersen, who became CTPO at Livius Technologies on January 1st 2022.

CTPO at Livius Technologies, Martin Andersen.

Martin can draw on extensive experience from similar positions in large, international companies, such as Pandora and Egmont. According to CEO Bo Høvedsgaard Iversen, this is one of the reasons why Martin was headhunted, since he knows the methods and setups that are needed digitally to scale the company.

“I know from my other positions, which enterprise tools are important to implement and in what order. So the company will be technologically geared to move to next league “, says Martin.

“I draw on this experience constantly when developing our product catalog and optimizing processes, control functions and quality assurance”, he adds.

“I see a HUGE potential in Livius Technologies”

When asked why he chose the job, it’s evident that Martin is extremely passionate about his work.

“I see a HUGE potential in Livius Technologies, which I am really looking forward to further develop. It also means a lot to me that I’m part of a company that works to improve the daily lives of people in need of help. That I can contribute to making a positive difference for the care sector “, he says enthusiastically.

The company values were also crucial to Martin’s choice to join the Livius team.

“I don’t want to be part of just any company. I want to work for a company with good values. And I could feel from the start that the management of Livius Technologies is driven by a sincere desire to make a difference. It’s not just something they say. It’s something they mean, and it’s something they feel, ” he notes.

The holistic care platform for the future

Martin is already well under way in his new job and is continuously optimizing the technological setup in Livius Technologies.

“My first initiatives have mainly been about further developing our platform, Livius, and taking it to the next level. I have also worked on optimizing the IT department itself, so that it’s geared for the upcoming growth and the many new projects we are going to start”, he says.

Martin works strategically towards his goals for the Livius platform.

“I work towards Livius becoming a holistic, digital care platform, that’s absolutely central to all care work, and that can coordinate the work across all technologies and different professions. So that the platform can make everyday life easier and better for both care recipients, care workers and relatives”, says Martin.

“Therefore, I will also draw on the many findings we will get from our community, Future Care. A community where we, together with stakeholders in the care sector, find solutions to the future challenges in home care”.

“I will also continuously involve our customers in the product development process. They are the ones who know best when it comes to what specific functions are necessary and what is needed in the user interface”, Martin adds.

“I look forward to making a positive difference”

There are many initiatives and an exciting development underway in Livius Technologies, says Martin, and therefore there’s a lot he is looking forward to.

“I am really looking forward to ‘building’ this holistic platform, which can make care work better for everyone involved. To translate the big problems in the care sector into solutions that really make a positive difference”, he says.

“The care sector is yearning for digital solutions, since there – in the future – will be significantly more care recipients and fewer employees. If new technological solutions are not developed, there is no doubt that this will affect the service level for the individual. What we at Livius Technologies are working on is finding solutions that ensure that the quality of care is maintained, despite the future challenges. And if that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what would”, Martin smilingly concludes.