Future Care

Together we create caring technology for the future

The world is facing a huge demographic challenge. In just a few years, there globally will be significantly more elderly people – which means significantly more citizens in need of care. In Denmark, the number of citizens over the age of 80 will increase by 60% from 2020 to 2030 – and this trend is only increasing.

At the same time all European countries are experiencing major recruitment problems in the care sector and difficulties in attracting young people to the care educations.

This means that fewer employees will have to take care of more citizens in need of care. If the quality of care is to be maintained, we therefore need to make radical changes, be innovative and to a much greater extent use welfare technology in the care sector.

Due to the current and future demographic and recruitment challenges, our municipal partners have requested that all stakeholders in the care sector come together to develop a single total solution to these major challenges. They need a total solution that can be coordinated via one platform – a platform that can integrate all types of technology and be used across all professional groups. 

Future Care

That is why we have created the innovative community, Future Care, where we, together with Danish municipalities, NGOs, researchers and other stakeholders, will define a holistic solution and determine what technologies are needed to ensure a dignified care for the future. 

Based on the knowledge we gain from our community, we continuously develop our technology and create a platform that can match the needs of the future.