About Us

In 2015, Livius Technologies (then known as Life-Partners) developed an innovative communication and planning platform, in close collaboration with Aabenraa Municipality. 

The vision was to create value, security and positive personal connections for both care recipients, care workers and relatives through an easy and user-friendly platform. Our solution, the platform Livius, was a great success.

Livius ensures far more efficient planning, increased security and better communication across all users of the platform. Thereby making it easier to live up to the care sector’s continuously increasing efficiency requirements – without compromising on the quality of care.

Our partnership with Aabenraa Municipality achieved significant results and created great enthusiasm – therefore we continued to develop and spread the platform to more Danish municipalities.

Today, over 10% of the Danish municipalities use Livius. 

A growing business

After many years of experiencing increasing demand, building a strong and talented team and setting new, exciting visions and business goals, we in 2022 chose to change our name from Life-Partners to Livius Technologies – to match our new visions and identity. 

Among other things, we have initiated an exciting interdisciplinary collaboration with the care sector’s stakeholders. We continuously develop our platform, Livius, so it matches the needs of the future and we also plan an IPO. 

We look forward to sharing the many exciting news both here on the site and on LinkedIn and Facebook

Our Values

At Livius Technologies, we are driven by a desire to make a real difference for both care recipients, caregivers and relatives. We want to make it easier for the municipalities and care workers to live up to the ever-increasing efficiency requirements, while still maintaining the close personal connection that is essential to the care work. 

Our implementation team all have a professional background in the care sector. We thereby know the care work from the inside – an insight we draw on when helping both managers and employees to ensure a successful implementation of Livius.

The good and close collaboration with our partners, both in terms of implementation, support and feedback, is the very heart of Livius Technologies and is a cornerstone of our success.